Amy Kimoto-Kahn 

Amy was born in Fullerton, California and now lives with her family in Boulder, Colorado. She is a Yonsei or fourth-generation Japanese-American and a mom of three. 

She shares her Japanese-American homestyle, kids-will-like-it-too recipes on her blog, EASY PEASY JAPANESEY. When she is not cooking, she runs a mom-focused marketing firm, Fat Duck Consulting that she founded in 2008.


She is a graduate of the Miyajima Ramen School in Osaka, Japan and has taught a popular series of Asian-inspired cooking classes for Williams-Sonoma. 

Her book, "Simply Ramen", a compilation of 70 traditional and non-traditional ramen recipes for the noodle lover, is one of the best-selling cookbooks on ramen and is available for sale via the following outlets:

AmazonBarnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and Kinokuniya Book Store.