Roasted Nori

Roasted Nori (Seaweed) Makes as much as you need

Prep time: 2 minutes

These days you can find roasted and flavored seaweed in grocery stores, coffee shops, even vending machines.  I prefer to roast my own because I feel like some of the varieties out there are too oily or aren't crunchy enough for me.  If you purchase a pack of seaweed made for sushi in big sheets, you can roast these over an open gas flame in seconds.  If you do it this way, I promise you'll never go back to those instant packs because these are crispier, tastier and you can make much more for your money.  Use this for topping your ramen or eating with rice as a healthy snack.


Japanese nori (seaweed) in sheets

cooking spray or sesame oil


  1. Spray both sides of each sheet of seaweed with cooking spray or take a folded paper towel with some sesame oil on it to apply.
  2. Over a low flame on a gas stove, gently waft the seaweed back and forth on both sides until the seaweed crisps up.
  3. Set the finished roasted seaweed sheets on a paper towel and repeat with additional sheets
  4. Sprinkle each sheet with sea salt and stack them about 4 or 5 high
  5. Cut into fourths with a sharp chef's knife or with kitchen shears

Here's a short tutorial video on how it's done!