Easy-peasy Japanesey video debut!

It was a labor of love but my video was recently completed and will hopefully help an interested publisher who sees my cookbook proposal to also put a face with the name. It will be worth watching, I promise!  Also, a big favor to ask of you - my recent assignment from my editor and agent are too beef up my social media - so please help me by also liking my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/easypeasyjapanesey - if you already have, then THANK YOU! The video is a visual on one of my most popular blog posts called "Just roll with it, it's a sushi party for everyone!"  It's a quick tutorial on how I put together a make your own sushi night at our house with some tricks from my mom on using a sharp knife and cooking rice.  If you look closely at the end, you'll see that my daughter's hand is completely covered in black paint.  It makes me laugh to know that we didn't even wash her hands before eating!  Oh well!  Hope you enjoy! [wpvideo tPgVbwfn]

Here's a link to the original post about how to make everything you need for your own sushi party! >> http://wp.me/p1L4Tl-2F

You'll go bananas for this easy banana ice cream!

My kids are big on dessert, so of course, I try to trick them with healthy versions all the time.  They love sliced bananas and/or strawberries with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Homemade fruit pops are also one of our staples. I just love the Zoku instant popsicle maker because we can have instant homemade popsicles in 5 minutes!  Another one of my favorites for adults and kids alike is this awesome recipe for banana ice cream from my friend Elisabeth in Boulder, Colorado.  You know how everyone in Boulder is very "granola" and health conscious, well I used to live there and it's true!   Being "granola" is a good thing! Elisabeth owns and runs her own raw food company called zazaraw and along with her awesome recipe section where this one is from, she sells her divine cheesecakes that are so rich, delicious and creamy, you cannot believe that the cheese substitute is made from nuts! Check her out! Elisabeth's easy banana ice cream

Ingredients 3 Frozen Bananas* You will need a food processor for this (it doesn’t work with a blender)

What to do Take 3 frozen bananas from the freezer, place them in the food processor and pulse until it forms a thick cream. Initially, it won't look like it's going to turn creamy so just let it continue beating and eventually you'll see it turn into the consistency of gelato.  Serve immediately. You can also add chocolate chips, cookies, granola...I added cinnamon to mine and the kids loved it!

*buy a ton of bananas and as soon as you see a few brown spots, peel and freeze them in a Ziploc bag.

I have yet to "japaneseify" this recipe but was thinking that I could add some green tea "matcha" in powder form to it to make a green-tea version.  Let me know if you try it out or find out how I could turn it Japanese!